Testimonials from Thornhill Residents and Community Leaders 

“Councillor Sandra Yeung Racco has shown tremendous support to families in Ward 4 and the Life With A Baby program.  She has been a champion for the program within the community, showing support and guidance. She takes time out of her busy schedule to attend our special events and speak at our events whenever possible.  We are so grateful for what Sandra has done for Ward 4 and the Life With A Baby community.”

Claire Kerr-Zlobin
Founder/Program Director, Healthy Start, Healthy Future

“Over the years I have reached out to Sandra numerous times for support and guidance with both work questions and personal questions in terms of being a Vaughan citizen. Each and every time she has been prompt, professional, empathetic and helpful.  She is truly a great leader for us in Vaughan, moving us forward towards a model city but also keeping intact the rich heritage of our local community.”

Mary Patrick
Vaughan resident

“We absolutely appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for the benefit of our community.”

Rabbi Chezky Deren
Chabad of Maple Ontario

“I have had ample opportunities in the past several months to experience first-hand your commitment to public service. You have shown great concern for the residents of the community and your willingness to listen to people’s problems is commendable. Your honest and practical approach to matters sets you apart from other candidates as you seek re-election as Ward 4 Councillor in the City of Vaughan. It is my prayer that your dedicated service as Councillor over the past years will awaken the community to the realization that is indeed needs you to continue in office.”

Tayo Ojajuni
Pastor, Convenant Chapel

“I will soon be 103 years old, and Sandra’s many visits to see me here in Hesperus Village have always been welcome. I appreciate her productive work related to senior citizens in Vaughan.”

Kaz Chomko
103-year old Ward 4 Resident and WWII Veteran

“During the five years that I have been living in Hesperus Village, our representative on the city council, Sandra Yeung Racco has always been available to answer our questions. Her visits here have been most informative and inspiring. And I believe her commitment to senior issues is an example for other ridings.”

Senior Resident Living at Hersperus Village, Thornhill

“I appreciate all the work Sandra has done for the community over the years. She has always been a strong supporter of the Glen Shields Futbol Club and its programs. She helped lead the fight to bring an artificial turf field to the GFC community, and for that, I thank her. I wish Sandra the best of luck with her re-election!”

Vince Marchese
President, Glen Shields Futbol Club

“We support Sandra’s candidacy wholeheartedly. She has been a very active representative of our community. She has made the interests of the community the priority in her work. We are sure that when people need support, they can always rely on councillors like Sandra.

Vladimir Demine and Victoria Mironova
Victoria International Ballet Academy

“In my many dealings with Sandra, I found her to be very personable, approachable, supportive and very knowledgeable. Sandra has always taken the time to listen.”

Traci Shatz
A ward 4 community member

“Sandra consistently goes above and beyond her duties – from playing a big role in the development and completion of great community parks, our community centre and library, to fighting against the Vaughan casino. Sandra can be counted on to get the job done.”

Lisa Cantkier
Thornhill Resident

“Sandra is a trusted and dedicated individual.  She is always ready and able to please the young and old alike. She is well known in her community, and can be depended upon.”

Isabella Ferrara
President, Seniors Association of Vaughan Initiative

“As a new resident home owner I was experiencing difficulties knowing and locating the appropriate, responsible department/person to direct my concerns and questions to. Sandra Yeung Racco not only facilitated communications, but was instrumental in resolving an issue that I had been dealing with the City for over two frustrating years. I certainly support her re-election as Councillor in Ward 4.”

Jeanne Cho-Chu

“Thank you Sandra for all you have done in promoting business and character among business in Vaughan.”

Daisy Wai
Past President of Richmond Hill Markham Chinese Business Association

“She attends to our occasional requests for assistance and does so in an expeditious manner. She offers solutions or suggests opportunities for organizational improvement. She takes time to come to our special events with words of encouragement and praise for what we do as an organization. Councillor Racco exemplifies true public service.”

Philippine Heritage Band Vaughan

“Sandra Yeung Racco has the best interest of her riding, she takes an interest in the residents and their health and well being. My family and I believe that a vote for Sandra is a vote that keeps Vaughan safer, cleaner and a great place to live.”

Nancy Rutigliano
Vaughan Resident

“Councilor Racco was always available to listen, to respond day or night with patience and pragmatism. A big Thank you to Councilor Racco for her devotion and love of the community.”

Maya Goldenberg
Resident and Past President, Thornhill Woods Community Association

“Sandra has consistently demonstrated that her key strength is to value and  stay connected with grassroots community members. Her accessibility and timely action to resolve community challenges have been remarkable.”

Noor Din
South Asian Community Leader