HeritageParkOpening1Sandra Yeung Racco

Ward 4 Councillor – City of Vaughan

A champion for Vaughan
on the issues that matter to you

No Casino

  • Sandra Yeung Racco successfully led the opposition to a proposed casino that could have done irreparable damage to our community both socially and economically.

Solving Gridlock

  • Sandra was instrumental in making the Spadina Subway Extension a reality, bringing the subway north of Steeles and into Vaughan. She is equally devoted to other transit initiatives such as the Yonge Street subway extension and the VIVA Next project.
  • She recognizes the frustration caused by gridlock, and is committed to building a practical, workable transportation system, improving traffic both for transit riders and for motorists.

Economic Prosperity

  • Sandra has a strong track record for helping to attract business and investment to Vaughan, creating jobs and building a strong, sustainable economy.
  • She has participated in international trade missions and continues to expand and nurture relationships with international partners.
  • She is an ardent proponent of fiscal responsibility, ensuring that tax dollars are spent wisely and get good value.

Good Planning

  • Sandra has a deep understanding of urban planning. She knows the importance of getting the right balance of commercial and residential development, and ensuring that the right infrastructure – such as roads, transit lines and sewers – is built in a timely way.
  • She believes in careful, measured planning, based on processes that support prudent decision-making and enable community participation.
  • She is dedicated to a positive vision for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre – a thriving downtown for our city. She is also an advocate for preservation of historical and heritage points of interest.
  • She understands the need to work collaboratively with all levels of government and neighbouring municipalities.

Public Facilities – Hospitals, Libraries, Parks

  • Sandra has worked with all levels of government to lay the groundwork for a new hospital in Vaughan.
  • She has been instrumental in creating and expanding nine neighbourhood and district parks (including splash-pads, amphitheatres, and trail systems) as well as construction of the new Pleasant Ridge Library.
  • She has been a strong advocate for protecting woodlots and acquiring community parklands, including taking steps to keep the McMillan Farm (bordered by Dufferin, Major Mackenzie, Bathurst and Rutherford) as green space.

Thriving Arts & Culture

  • As an accomplished musician herself, Sandra knows the value of arts and culture. She has a vision for a performing arts/design/cultural campus as part of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre, and has been working with all levels of government and higher education institutions to move this vision forward.
  • She led a city-wide public art initiative, including a Cultural Framework and Public Art Plan for the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre.
  • In addition to attending thousands of community events, Sandra has chaired many committees celebrating Vaughan’s diversity, including Peace Tree Day and Chinese New Year.