A sincere Thank You to the people of Vaughan Ward 4 for your confidence in re-electing me as your Councillor.  I have always considered it an honour to serve on Vaughan City Council, and I am delighted that you have given me the opportunity to continue to work on behalf of our community.

I am grateful to the people of Vaughan not just for their support, but also for the warmth I encountered throughout the election campaign. It reconfirmed for me that our community is made of up dedicated, creative and caring people.

I appreciate the efforts of my opponents, who ran spirited campaigns, and I want to commend all candidates, in Vaughan and in municipalities across Ontario, for putting your names forward to run for election. Congratulations to those who were successful, including my Vaughan City Council colleagues. I look forward to working with you collaboratively and productively, to deliver positive results for all of our constituents.

Again, let me express my deep gratitude to the people who supported me, both during the campaign and in the voting booth. I am excited about representing you for the next four years, working to ensure that Ward 4 – and all of Vaughan – continues to be a vibrant, prosperous, and welcoming community.

Sandra Yeung Racco


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